Negative Glassine Storage Bags by Nik & Trick ~ 210mm x 70mm for 120, 127 & 35mm

£6.20£21.95 Inc. vat

Made to special order just for us….why?

Quite simply, this is how Richard’s family have stored their negatives in the family business for over 60 years now…99.9% of the archive being totally perfect so we know that these are the best method of storing negatives has arrived!

A bag will hold 120 film in strips of 3 frames 6×6, 2 frames 6×7, 6×8, four frames 6×4.5 and 35mm in strips of 5 frames….we have had this massive batch made slightly longer to ensure better fit of 35mm strips.

These are totally acid free and that’s why our own archive is in pristine condition,  entirely thanks to these and those negs dates back as far as 1958…so this really is tried and trusted and thoroughly tested!!

Best of all, they fit beautifully in the Ikea Helmer metal drawers that can be had online for little money.   That then stores 500 to 600 films per drawer.