Replacement Light Seal Kit ~ Contax 139 Quartz & Yashica FX-D, FX3, FX3 Super 2000

£10.80 Inc. vat

Precision cut, self adhesive and ready to fit kit for the excellent Contax 139 Quartz which also fit it’s little sisters the Yashica FX-D, FX3, FX3 Super 2000

Thouroughly clean out the channels and other areas with a suitably solvent, we offer Isopronanol for that purpose HERE

Just wet the new seals and guide and slide them into position then leave for a few hours….make sure the old ones are totally cleaned away first is essential as they don’t like to sit on old glue.

Kit contains three sets so if you mess up there’s still plenty of opportunity to get it right, with plenty of material left over for use elsewhere!

If your Contax 139 has done the usual and the leather has died…take a look our replacement kit made from real leather HERE

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