Replacement Light Seal Kit ~ Olympus OM10

£10.60 Inc. vat

For the increasingly popular Olympus OM10

These are precision cut, self adhesive and ready to fit.

Just wet them and guide and slide them into position then leave for a few hours….make sure the old ones are totally cleaned away first.

Kit contains three sets so if you mess up there’s still plenty of opportunity to get it right!

Nik & Trick tip:  When using fluids to dissolve or loosen then old light seals, be mindful that on some cameras, OM10 is one of them, there is a breather hole below the viewfinder eyepiece that can let fluids into the prism which is not a good thing!  Keep that area dry…


Please not that we now offer Isopropanol, the best thing to clean out old light seals etc HERE


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