Rolleiflex Top Quality Leather Straps for TLR Using “Scissor” Clips ~ 2.8f etc

£25.50 Inc. vat

We’re SO pleased to get these and be able to offer them at this price…and here modelled by my own camera it the handy real leather carry strap.

These are made from top quality, 2.7mm thick hide leather which is embossed and double riveted as per the original straps but with the Rollei logo….they look and smell lush and come in a variety of colours.

They’re just under 300mm or 12″ long and are designed to be used as a carry strap or handle…..perfect for me on my 2.8f (stolen one!) as I really am not a fan of things dangling about my neck.

The clips are superbly made too so if your camera hits the deck after putting one of these on then that would be down to you!

Because of the high quality thick leather these are made from, there may well be some slight variation in colouration…but who cares?  These are lovely!