BelliniFoto Eco-Film (Xtol) Kit ~ B&W Developing Processing Set ~ Eco Friendly

£19.80 Inc. vat

All in one chemical set for film processing…this set is designed to be as Eco Friendly as Film Developing Chemistry can be…

These particular products have been chosen by a major London College on that basis and also the safer nature they have as follows:

Eco Film 500ml: A product that we are getting fantastic feedback on.  Mr Bellini’s liquid version of Xtol, a developer that we reckon to be the finest out there.  Dilute 1 plus 1 then treat it as if it were Xtol…nice and easy!

Stop Odourless 500ml:  Acetic Acid based stop bath

FX-100 Eco Fix 500ml: A good user and eco friendly product due to it’s ability to reduce washing times


We have assembled this set to beat the 2kg postal charges threshold, to save you a few pennies!

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