Bellini FX6a Black & White Monobath ~ Dev & Fix in a Single 1lt Bottle!

£11.50 Inc. vat

Before purchasing this new product you should read ALL of the following, please understand that this is so new there is little known about it so you should treat this as something to experiment with and also to report back your findings to share with us, the makers and other film lovers.

Formulated by Bellini at the request of a customer who travels a lot worldwide it was made so that he could easily process Ilford FP4…after that almost nothing expect what you see here is known about what it can do!

The makers very kindly send us a few bottles which we passed onto trusted customers to play with and the results you see here are mainly based on their terrific efforts.

In all honestly, we have seen products like this come and go in the market…mostly go as they have not produced very nice results.  This, though, is very very much the exception to that rule to the point that 50% of our testers came back asking to buy more!!

The balance between developing, fixing and clearing a film seems to occur as a rule of thumb past the eight minute mark, the longer you go the thicker the negative of course so timings given are by way of an advisory….but it’s black and white so there is a lot of latitude to play with.

What follows are the times established by those testers but we want more! MORE!!

Fomapan 100 Stock 8’20 – 9’30 20C

Ilford FP4 125asa Stock 8’00 – 9’00 20C
Ilford FP4 125asa 1+1 10’00 20C
Ilford HP5 400asa Stock 8’00 20C (Farnan)
Ilford HP5 400asa Stock 9’30 20C (Anley)
Ilford SFX 200asa Stock 8’00 20C

Kodak Tri-X 400asa Stock 7’30” – 8’00 20C

Kosmo Foto 100asa Stock 8’10 – 9’10 20C

Orwo N74 Stock 10’30 – 11 20C

Rollei RPX25 Stock 8’00 20C

This has been the second most anticipated film product of the year for Nik & Trick customers but one for those that want to experiment.

Storage:  We have stored it for a couple of months in an opened bottle and it still produced results, but we reckon that vacuum storage should be considered the mandatory method for this but are open minded for you to tell us better!

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