BelliniFoto’s Proper Six Bath E6 Kit ~1lt ~ New to the UK!

£34.65 Inc. vat

All new to the UK and much of the world is this, the proper six bath E6 process in kit form for the home developer made by the long standing Italian photochemical specialist.

This is the way E6 was designed to be developed.  Many, including us had thought that anything like this had long gone….but here it is!

We have tested this and found it to be a fantastic product like all products we have tried from this maker.

Despite the many baths, in practice this is not as fiddly as you would think.  We found it nice and easy to use in fact and have adopted it in our own darkroom (you still need to add one minute to first developer for Fuji films inc Agfa Precisa)

Takes about 45 mins from start to finish and can be used with or without a rotary processor. Excellent instructions in English nurse you through the entire process and even offer agitation times.

So what are the advantages?  Well, first, better results, nice rich colours and beautiful contrast, we are informed that films developed using six bath method will have better archival qualities…

…but the best thing is that it won’t go off anywhere near as fast as the three bath offering.  Especially if you use our vacuum stoppers!

It’s a top quality, great value product that we are proud to be able to bring to the UK market.

In case it matters, BelliniFoto has been established since 1988 and they are really good at what they do, nice guys and we love dealing with them. 🙂

Click HERE to download the datasheet


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