Lomochrome Purple XR 100-400 2019 ~ 35mm 36 Exposures

£10.55 Inc. vat

A film that akin to our Colour Infra-Red (CIR) 120 is also described by people described as “psychedelic”.

The dyes being formulated to shift the colour spectrum around giving it’s own unique twist on how the world appears.

Here at Nik & Trick we have in the past, seen some rather good results made by customers which is why we are now very happy to be able to offer this rather cool film that aside from the colour shifting, the new for 2019 formulation offers more vibrant photos with superb sharpness and even finer grain than previous versions.

Control the colour changes in your photos by selecting different ISO settings; green tones will become a shiny purple when you use an ISO 100 setting, but with an ISO 400 setting greens will instead become a darker indigo.

Explore unlimited colour creativity. The sensitivity of the film is ISO 400, yet its high flexibility in terms of light sensitivity also allows you to set your camera to ISO 200 and ISO 100. This gives you more options for experimentation in different lighting conditions.

See the product gallery for the shots off of our test roll shot while metered for 320asa on a roll of 120 of this film….we’ll shoot a roll of 35mm very soon and post results!

This film requires standard C41 colour processing

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