Rollei InfraRed IR400 ~ 35mm 36 Exposures


Rollei InfraRed 35mm 36exp

Special infrared film with sensitivity stated by the manufacturer up to 820 nm and an ISO of 400 without filtering. Excellent tonality and resolving power of 160 Lp/mm. Contrast is normal to high.

Special AURA effects can be obtained by overexposing film.  Full Datasheet HERE!

Use with 720nm IR filter and meter with that fitted at 12 -25asa.  For great results try it in Bellini / Ornano Nucleol BF200 for 13mins, as per our sample shots…

These sample shots in the gallery were made by metering this film at 25asa.  Then fitting the 720nm filter to shoot.  Processed in Bellini / Ornano Nucleol BF200 developer….

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