Adox CHS100 II – 120 Roll

£4.55 Inc. vat

This is what Adox say:

“One of the reasons why CHS 100 had to be discontinued in 2012 was the unavailability of the spectral sensitizer.

We have tried to match CHS 100 II as closely as possible to the old film featuring:

a rock solid classic emulsion system which has been out there for decades
a sensitization close the one of the old CHS 100
a single layer emulsion
the same base material including the option of reversal processing
an optimized backside coating to fully prevent light piping if film´s loaded in subdued light
a special anti halation layer between the emulsion and base for enhanced sharpness
a full set of formats from 35mm to ULF including 120
a state of the art cascade coating avoiding all problems associated with older CHS100 productions

The new film is manufactured in Germany and thus upgraded to our professional line.”

New stocks of this film will be available from May 2016


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